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What People Say About Us

Ben Grave
Commercial Director at Mark One Consultants –

Businessman of the Year!

Proud moment as Managing Director, Jason, wins Businessman of the Year at the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards.

Keep your Workforce Engaged

Recruitment of New Management & Processes

Work Towards a Clear Vision

Company Restructuring & Review of Management Processes

Profit & Loss Analysis & Support

Revenue Support & Guidance


Life & business coaching throughout Somerset & the South West.

We help professional businessmen and women find their passion, so that they actually want to wake up and go to work. We feel it’s important to start with you, so that you are in the best place to become the leader your team wants to follow. Then you can focus on boosting employee engagement, productivity, and retention as well as building your confidence to lead and work towards a clearly defined business plan and vision.

Business Consultancy for Busy People

Unlock your leadership and management skills with business consultancy, coaching and mentoring.

As a business owner or a business leader, it is essential to invest in your personal growth in order to see professional development within your business or workplace. This can often feel impossible when your time is taken up with daily business related tasks. We understand how challenging it can be to work towards your goals, so our packages are broken down into manageable sessions with clear goals to help build your motivation and confidence to succeed.


Our consultancy sessions are designed to help build a business plan and sales strategy, manage budgets and staff, cut costs and restructure the business in order to drive the business.


Coaching sessions are designed to hone in on key areas such as team targets and motivation, budgets, recruiting, training, staff appraisals and welfare management and a focus on what drives you.


With focused one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, we create achievable plans for busy people who need focus, structured goals for long-term business growth and success.


What People Say About Us

Jason is a remarkable commercial senior leader with a winning combination of solid expertise, a strong work ethic and a genuine ability to connect with people. His inspiring consultative approach sets him apart, as he quickly assesses challenges and opportunities, offering innovative resolutions that generate significant results. One of the most striking aspects of Jason’s leadership is his unwavering work ethic. Whether facing tight deadlines or intricate projects, he demonstrates exceptional commitment and leads by example, creating a positive and productive work environment.

As a mentor and a motivator, Jason is fantastic at supporting his team to rise to challenges and surpass expectations. He generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, fostering their professional growth and development. Jason’s innate ability to connect with others on a personal level helps build strong relationships, not only with colleagues but also with clients and stakeholders. His exceptional communication skills and emotional intelligence make him an influential and persuasive leader. Overall, Jason’s impact as a senior leader and expert in business is truly commendable, and any mentee or business would be fortunate to have him as a consultant and/or mentor.

Nicola Mason
VP of People at Adverity

The benefits of consultancy, coaching and mentoring

Designed for future leaders and businesses

For Your Team

Increased confidence
Professional fulfillment
Personal satisfaction
Enhanced skills
Better work/life balance
Share ideas confidently
Stronger team members
Better decision makers
Higher performance
Better communication
Greater ownership

For Yourself

Better work/life balance
Increased retention
Improved engagement
Better productivity
Higher profits
Recruiting top talent
Improved processes
Company restructuring
Cost savings
Stronger workforce
Increased motivation

Interview with Sedgemoor FM

Managing Director, Jason, goes live on Sedgemoor FM.

Feedback from our clients

Ben Grave
Ben Grave
I've had the privilege of working with Jason from Somerset Business Consultants, and his mentorship has been a game-changer for me and my businesses. Jason's keen insight helps focus on crucial areas, both personally and in my business. His clear guidance and challenging tasks drive progress, and the accountability in regular sessions ensures I stay on track. Grateful for the impactful support in my professional journey.
Andy Fowler
Andy Fowler
Mel has supported our business in various ways. Due to their diverse team and skills, they were able to help not only with business coaching, but have also supported us with our accounts and payroll, as well as our branding and website. It's been fantastic to tick off so many tasks in one go. We are delighted with the progress so far as we have made so many incredible changes for a better future and will be working with Somerset Business Consultancy Ltd for the foreseeable future.
Richard King
Richard King
I highly recommend Somerset Business Consultants. My experience with Jason in particular has been outstanding, with the impact on my own development and the development of my business being felt immediately following the first session and continuing throughout our consultancy sessions.
Dallas Baker
Dallas Baker
Great company to work with. Jason has great experience. Fully recommend.
Kim Clarke
Kim Clarke
Jason is so knowledgeable and his wealth of experience has been invaluable to me during my recent change of career, he listens and cares, he wants you to develop and succeed and supports you in that journey. Would highly recommend


Designed for future leaders and businesses

Our role is to help develop and improve your business. First, we will ask which sort of help you need, is it general advice, a problem that you are struggling to resolve, staffing, help with HMRC, payroll etc.

Business in general is expensive in terms of not doing something, we call this ‘standing still’. Our role is to save money, increase your profits or help you understand where the bottom line can be improved.rnIn general, what you invest will pay off, if our advice is taken and followed through. In addition, we can help at each step of the process.

You chose; however, we always prefer to meet you in person so we can gain a better understanding of you and your business.

Remember we are here to help, when running a business, regardless of size it’s a very lonely place. Monthly support can be priced and agreed around your requirements, there are no long terms commitments needed.

Our main core business hours are 9-5pm, however our customers’ requirements will always come first. Therefore, we are happy to work around your commitments, this being evenings or weekends.

You can do so by calling 01934 708 060 or email

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Our consultants have years of experience in business mentoring and running successful businesses. They are passionate about helping businesses and leaders achieve their short term and long term goals and vision.

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