At Somerset Business Consultants, we have launched a business support group which complements our current membership packages. This initiative creates a group of like minded business people to meet for a monthly networking event where drinks and a finger buffet will be provided. Members will have the opportunity to meet other businesses and our experienced consultants for a Q & A session.

Business Support Group Members will also have access to telephone and email business support for a monthly subscription of only £41.25 (+VAT). With a package to suit every budget, give Richard a call on 07936 94 03 21 for a chat or email

Grow faster and smarter with our business consultants that have a proven track record in working with start-ups and building multi-million-pound companies.

Running A Business Is Tough

We get it! There is so much to worry about when you are either establishing or growing a business and it can also be a very lonely place.

Our business consultants are here to help coach and mentor you through all the uncertainty, the gazillion different directions you are being pulled in and constant questions going through your mind.

Should I blog? Start a podcast? Build a brand? Run ads? Spend £3k on a logo? Post on LinkedIn 5 times a day? Stay small or grow? Should I be a sole proprietorship or have a limited company? How do I find the right team? What team do I actually need? How do I scale?

Most entrepreneurs and business leaders end up doing bits and pieces, but getting stuck in the day to day tasks can cause inertia and inefficiency. If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that your business isn’t where you want it to be and you want more….

Please get in touch and talk to consultants who actually run their own successful businesses!

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